5 Kinds of Materials for Modern Gutter Systems

5 Kinds of Materials for Modern Gutter Systems

February 26, 2018

Are your gutters old and worn down? Then it’s time to seize the day and replace them with higher-quality materials. From galvanized steel to aluminum gutters, you have numerous options at your hands, each with distinct advantages. Here’s a look at today’s gutter materials.


Modern Gutters

Types of Modern Gutter Systems

  1. Aluminum: Aluminum is the most popular gutter material today. It’s lightweight, resistant to rust and can be painted to complement the other components of your exterior. It is also highly recyclable, making it ideal for homeowners who value sustainability.

  1. Seamless Aluminum: Another advantage of aluminum is that it can easily be molded into different shapes, which allows gutter contractors to offer seamless aluminum gutters. Seamless gutters are superior to sectional gutters because they are less likely to develop leaks. They are built on-site during installation in one continuous piece, according to the precise measurements of your roof. For extra protection against leaks, consider reinforcing your seamless gutters with a gutter cap system like Gutter Helmet®.

  1. Copper: Copper gutters provide distinct charm and elegance to your exterior. Copper is the only material that doesn’t require paint or any other kind of protective coating; instead of rust, it develops a natural green patina over time, which makes it more beautiful as it ages. Aside from regular gutter cleaning, copper gutters don’t require much maintenance. They are welded at the seams, which eliminates the need to have them re-sealed periodically.

  1. Galvanized Steel: Galvanized steel is a strong and cost-effective gutter material. Choosing the right gutter contractor is even more important when you opt for galvanized steel; these gutters must be installed impeccably or they will be susceptible to rust and leaks. If you don’t mind performing regular maintenance, you can get good mileage out of galvanized steel gutters.

  1. Vinyl: Vinyl gutters are not as popular, but remain an inexpensive, lightweight and low-maintenance option that’s attractive to homeowners on a budget. Note that vinyl can fade or discolor under direct sunlight and may crack under extreme cold.

To learn more about our gutter material options or our gutter filter systems, call Gutter Helmet of Eastern NY today at (855) 483-3678. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate.

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Efficient and unobtrusive, the crew was in and out of installing gutter helmets and helmet heaters on my house within four hours. They were sure to clean up any debris that was left over. I am very pleased with the whole installation process.

Installation of product was professional and the installers, Cosmo and Joe, treated me like family. All questions were answered and left the site neat and clean.

Huff 'n Puff is one of the area's most reliable companies. All phases of company reps interacting with customs is professional. Installers are very competent and product quality is excellent. Pricing is always fair.

The Gutters look great! Cosmo and Nigel were very courteous, friendly, thorough and professional. They did a wonderful job and took the time to answer any questions and advise us about the incredible warranty. So glad we did this!

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