3 Projects to Prepare Your Home for New York Summer

3 Projects to Prepare Your Home for New York Summer

May 27, 2015

New York summers can be such a beautiful season! As is typical with our region, it can be hot and humid during these times, and—if you’re particularly unlucky—can really put a damper on any summer plans. But is it all about luck?

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The professionals at Huff ‘N Puff don’t think so. We believe that these three smart investments for your home can bring you a great deal of comfort no matter what weather conditions you face this summer:

1. Getting better windows to block the summer heat

High-quality windows in Albany, NY, are always a wise investment. If you get units that offer great views—such as the wide bays and bows, or the ever-functional sliding and casement windows—then you can enjoy the sights and sounds from inside your home. The best part is these windows also play a part in bringing you comfort. Huff ‘N Puff carries Renewal by Andersen® windows, and these incorporate High Performance™ Low-E4® glazing that reduce heat transfer through the unit—keeping the cool air in and the heat out.

2. Installing gutter guards to keep the occasional rains away

Since the weather is so unpredictable these days, there’s still a chance that you’ll catch mild showers in New York during the summer. When that happens, your gutters play a huge role—shunting the water out and directing it away from your home. Your gutters should be in top shape so that water can’t enter your home and cause damage. That’s why you need to have your gutters checked before the first summer rain falls. It’s also smart to invest in efficient gutter guards such as Gutter Helmet® from Huff ‘N Puff. These products will help prevent water damage without you having to keep an eye on your gutters all the time.

3. Replacing patio doors to bring in a lot of light

Another thing that people look forward to during the summer is being able to socialize. If you have a patio, then an impressive patio door is another investment to look into. If the ones you own have seen better days, replace them with Renewal by Andersen units. These doors offer superior thermal regulation—with the added benefit of bringing in a lot of light into your home. They allow you to create warm, bright spaces where you can hold parties and social gatherings, or just hang out with friends.

Address the most common comfort needs during summer using these three tricks: heat regulation using better quality windows in Troy, NY, gutter guards to keep the water at bay, and patio doors to add much-needed light. If you want to benefit from all these, Huff ‘N Puff is the company to call. We specialize in meeting any and every homeowner need in the best ways possible. Contact us today and we’ll help you get your home summer-ready.

Hear From Our Customers

The Gutters look great! Cosmo and Nigel were very courteous, friendly, thorough and professional. They did a wonderful job and took the time to answer any questions and advise us about the incredible warranty. So glad we did this!

Installation of product was professional and the installers, Cosmo and Joe, treated me like family. All questions were answered and left the site neat and clean.

Huff 'n Puff is one of the area's most reliable companies. All phases of company reps interacting with customs is professional. Installers are very competent and product quality is excellent. Pricing is always fair.

Efficient and unobtrusive, the crew was in and out of installing gutter helmets and helmet heaters on my house within four hours. They were sure to clean up any debris that was left over. I am very pleased with the whole installation process.

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